Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Tomorrow 9000 lbs of who-knows-what will arrive on our doorstep. I sort of want to send it back (except for rugs and art ... and books). It will be the beginning of the end of the superficial part of moving. The emotional components will stay with us a bit longer.

This family will be going on a material goods diet! Come back and ask me about it in a few months. Please? Anyone want any JFA? (Junk From Abroad)

I'm off to bed. It has been the Perils of Pauline over here.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Repatriation Blues

Someone give this woman a harmonica 'cause she's got the Blues ....

Help me! I'm dying over here! Ok - a little melodramatic but I'll tell you, international moves are just not for the faint of heart. No move is for that matter.

A few highlights of the sometimes funny, sometimes exasperating ... Repat Blues.

We moved in late (da na na). They broke antiques (da na na).
Things can be fixed (da na na), in a few weeks (da na na).

OK ... forget the song and on to prose. I have no brain cells left.

The fence people came (because of the dog) but knocked out our phone and alarm. The dog got out when the phone guy came to fix the line and ran away. We got her back and my Mom promptly arrived on our doorstep with a new id tag for the dog with our phone number (Mom is a dog lover of the highest order) just in case she should ever get loose again. This would of course need to mean that our phone was indeed - working. Two hours later I get a call (it works!) from some young women up the street who tell me they are playing with my dog on the church lawn. Exhale.

My oven went out. The repairman told me that the part wasn't available since the oven is so old so I need to buy a new oven. OF COURSE I need a new oven right now! The paycheck has wings these days.

My daughter threw up on the first day of school. Nerves or just ... sick? I don't know.

I went to the mall at 8pm to buy clothes because ... I have none. I was so busy getting everyone else packed out of Kathmandu that I neglected to pack a few things of my own for use past Labor Day. Or maybe subconsciously I felt that I NEEDED to buy a few new things given that I haven't bought fall clothing in at least 4 years?

Our sea freight is still ... at sea. There is furniture in our house ... but it echoes ... and our children are LOUD.

But really, I'm OK. Back to the harmonica.

Lightly ...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Light

A new chapter in life. A new blog. I really wasn't sure I would do one this go 'round but I so enjoyed the creative outlet - even if it is blogging into the void sometimes (tap, tap - anybody there?) - that I thought it would be an opportunity to write about things I felt were outside of the scope of the Trailing Spouse. (This was because the Blog Police were going to arrest me?) Besides, how else can I enter all those I Heart Faces challenges? Smile.

So, the name. It is both figurative and literal. As I pursue photography I am forever in search of "the light, the light!!" moment. As I pursue this thing called Life I want to be all about looking and living for and in the LIGHT: the true, good, and noble and lest I sound too serious (which anyone who knows me well will tell you that I am not - hopefully thoughtful - but seldom serious) I am always trying to look at the Lighter side of life. I am also a Jesus person - the Light of The World. So there you have it. I'm chasing the Light in everyway I know how.

It is here I may ramble aimlessly. It is here where I want to post photos, talk about books, movies, miscellany and laugh a bit.

While I am fortunate to have wonderful friends with skin on - I love my bloggy buddies and hope you'll stop by periodically and COMMENT to let me know you're here.