Monday, August 30, 2010

The Farm

One day this summer the dear friends I meet and pray with each week and I took all of our kids to visit a sage of a woman who has meant a lot to all of us.  Several years ago she moved out to Middleburg.  It is gorgeous out there:  low stone fences, horse farm after horse farm and winding roads.

The moms all got to visit with Mary Ann and our city slicker kids got a needed dose of "country".  My kids desperately want to live on a farm.  Sigh.

Climbing fences, petting horses, collecting tadpoles ... sheer bliss for my kids!

The tadpoles didn't last long after they morphed and some didn't grow legs at all.  I think the the nearest stream water I changed out for them wasn't murky enough and arrested their development.  The last two were released at the other Fabulous Farm event of the year.  But that ... is another post for another time.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Recital

I am hoping to FINALLY catch up on a little downloading and editing of summer images.  It has been quite a summer in our household.  The kids go back to school soon and I really want to capture what has been an unexpectedly wonderful summer.

First installment:  Kit's piano recital.  Last year in Kathmandu the Jazz Conservatory held the recital in a bar.  Tiki torches and everything.  This fact that Kit's first gig was in a bar still cracks us up.  The only issue was that she could barely play a thing.  Nevermind though, she bravely got up there and did her thing and we were proud of her courage.  This year Miss Mary the piano teacher's recital was in a church.  We're far from the 'Du indeed.  What a difference a year makes!

Practiced hands.

Happy performer (note silly bandz!)

Dutiful Brother (and Nana in background).