Monday, February 7, 2011

My weekend ... sung to a classic.

I can write the following because I am pretty confident that no one will really read it:).

Sung to the tune of Oh Darling Clementine.   Tuning fork?  Ready.

Basketball game, Kit's friend slept over then some other friends in for brunch.  School play, another late night all singing Les Miserables.  We woke to dress and go to church but the ceiling began to leak.  Called the contractor and the carpenters - solved the problem - be fixed next week.  Fam came over, birthday party - enough sugar to go around.  Friend's daughter "observed" the children without even making a sound.  Made some cupcakes for the next day, went to bed way too late.  Brought the goodies into the classroom only to learn of my mistake.  No dairy policy - for an allergy - who can remember all these things?  And to top off my little story I also forgot  .... to have my kids dress up like a historic character for school.

Ok ... that last sentence doesn't fit into the tune.  I know.  Pretty much I'm incoherently tired.  I may delete this post or I just may keep it to remind myself how I get when in an Utter State Of Exhaustion.

Ah ... and it is only Monday!