Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Please come in ...

To catalog the laundry list of things that have gone wrong requiring outside service people to be called would be mind numbingly boring so I won't go there. I will say, however, that since several of these service providers have made MULTIPLE visits - I've made a few friends. Awwww.

The Mongolian Pest Man (read Knight in Shining Armor) has come at least three times to the house to deal with all manner of varmints. Anyone who gets rid of varmints for a living is my hero by definition. The only thing I wonder about is how explains it all to the guys back in the yurt in Mongolia. They are mostly Tibetan Buddhists after all who generally aren't so excited about the intentional demise of any kind of critter. Hmmm.

The Appliance Repair Guy. At least four visits. An earlier repairman said my oven couldn't be fixed. Two days before the installation of the new oven this man came to check out my broken dishwasher. While he was at it he looked at the oven and said "I can fix that". Once again, my hero. I called to cancel that oven purchase pronto-like.

The Security Alarm Service LADY. Way to break the glass ceiling. She hung out in front of the house for a minute because she KNEW I would come out begging for help to reset the code after I told her I could do it.

The Verizon Cool Dude with the Iphone. A silent multitasker. Surely it really wasn't an Iphone but some other type of gadget that he could get FREE from his employer - you know - the PHONE company? One day the exclusivity contract will end and we can all get Iphones and change our lives.

The Invisible Fence Dog Zapper. I couldn't zap my own dog so I made him do it. We had a few installation issues (see here) so he has been here juuuuust a few times. He called my dog a wuss. She is a German Shepherd. Herumph.

The plumber is coming tomorrow.

I really really should be going to bed.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Field Trip!

My poor dear camera must feel orphaned. What happened to it's owner? It is hard for me to justify taking time to shoot when boxes and picture hanging wait wait wait. Exhale.

I wish I had the camera today! I went with Lindsay's class to the College Park Aviation Museum and it was a great little museum! The College Park Airport is the oldest continually running airport in the world. This museum is right next to the airstrip and is the perfect scale for kids. It was interactive, interesting, well curated (like I would really know this) and best of all - no crowds and easy parking. In the DC area that is a hard combination to come by.

My mental snapshots that I wish I had to share? The kids in dress up flight outfits having fits of giggles. Each child got to "fly" an old single prop airplane - the joy, the joy in those faces! The kids playing in an outdoor area outfitted with a dozen ride-on vehicles shaped like lanes. Lovely.

I see these exhibits in such a different light as an adult. I wonder if it is just one more thing in the visual smorgasbord that is their lives or is it an exhibit like this that sparks one of their imaginations so much that they want to, say, grow up to be an aviator. All I know is that we are incredibly fortunate to have access to things like this.

The boxes and pictures call ... and my poor camera.

Monday, October 5, 2009

There's Nothing Else

There is a man in my community who has been a teacher and mentor to many over the past several decades. He has risen before dawn to be alone with God for nearly fifty years. He lost his young adult son to cancer recently. He is also struggling with Alzheimers.

I heard the most moving story about him the other day.

A neighbor asked him "So tell me about your son." He looked at the neighbor, shook his head and said, "I know where he is and I know how to get there. Life is in Christ. There's nothing else".

Simple but profound wisdom from a life well lived.