Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Little Osama

Well, the renovation is 99.9 percent over and the little gift I've gotten to keep from this, other than new bathrooms, has been a rat.  I like to think about it in the singular.  It makes me feel better in spite of the fact that the Rat Man raised his eyebrows at me and said "they're never alone".  It started during the winter when I heard the pitter patter of little claws in the walls and overhead.  After multiple pest control people came in and did diddly I had to call the big guns in.  Who knew that you would need wildlife trappers to get these critters?  The man I spoke to on the phone said the magic words:  "Your problem is now our problem.  We will take care of this."  You are SOOO hired dude!  But alas, Osama still roams.  He's smart and tricky.  He could care less about the traps laid around for him.  We've had ceilings demolished and plumbing lines smoked.  HE IS STILL HERE! 

We just got back from a two week vacation and that brazen thing marched up the stairs into the kitchen (go ahead, recoil in horror) and chewed into the brand new Rubbermaid dog food container.  We think he picked up on the fact that Asha wasn't here and just felt all kinds of freedom!

Poor Sophie though.  Sophie has been living with us this past year and was, therefore, here solo the past couple of weeks.  She came downstairs one morning and the rat had gnawed on some peaches.  Another morning it was cereal.  Then she came home one evening and noticed the gerbils were out of their cage.  (Ok, ok ... I get the irony.  The gerbils are pets and we liiiiiike them.)  I bet it was just like Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH and Osama let them out.  She is moving out this week ... and the rodent issue has nothing to do with it.  Grin.

I'm calling Mr. Trap Man tomorrow morning.  Really dude, you were supposed to be my Seal team.

Monday, February 7, 2011

My weekend ... sung to a classic.

I can write the following because I am pretty confident that no one will really read it:).

Sung to the tune of Oh Darling Clementine.   Tuning fork?  Ready.

Basketball game, Kit's friend slept over then some other friends in for brunch.  School play, another late night all singing Les Miserables.  We woke to dress and go to church but the ceiling began to leak.  Called the contractor and the carpenters - solved the problem - be fixed next week.  Fam came over, birthday party - enough sugar to go around.  Friend's daughter "observed" the children without even making a sound.  Made some cupcakes for the next day, went to bed way too late.  Brought the goodies into the classroom only to learn of my mistake.  No dairy policy - for an allergy - who can remember all these things?  And to top off my little story I also forgot  .... to have my kids dress up like a historic character for school.

Ok ... that last sentence doesn't fit into the tune.  I know.  Pretty much I'm incoherently tired.  I may delete this post or I just may keep it to remind myself how I get when in an Utter State Of Exhaustion.

Ah ... and it is only Monday!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A just about Perfect Day

Today was just a lovely day!  It was crisp and cold without being bitterly so.  We took the kids out to breakfast at Furin's.  It was an old haunt of Bill's both in his single days and then ours as a childless couple.  Great pancakes.  Truly.  We ran into some neighbors from our old neighborhood and the kids wanted to know "Why don't we live here?  This is cool/fun/really nice!".  We smiled and told them "You, little dears, are why we don't live here anymore!  And when you are grown ups and are young, hip and gainfully employed and want to live here then ... go for it."  We then went ice skating in the Sculpture Garden by the National Gallery and had some lunch in the little Pavilion Cafe that overlooks the rink.  Ice skating outside is just so much more fun than an indoor rink!  It still takes both of us to skate with all three but ... there is light at the end of the tunnel as the girls get more independent on the ice.  I don't care how old I get,  I still love the Zamboni!

After skating we went over to the National Aquarium.  I think I sort of-kind of-maybe remember going once before and have a vague recollection of it being kind of lame, small and dingy.  It was great!  Smaller meant more easily digestible for little people and tired parents.

We came home for a spontaneous taco night with some of the cousins and my kids were happy happy happy.  It was a little late getting them to bed but who cares?   It was a just about Perfect Day!