Thursday, November 25, 2010

Talkin' 'bout a Renovation ...

Last post in September.  Really?  Geesh.

I went out to dinner with a friend this week (bliss).  I was waxing on about the joys and jeers of our house renovation when she said "you should blog about this"!  Well how about that for an idea.  I even have one of those blog thingies all aready for some bloggin'.

So yes, Virginia, there is an end to home renovation.  I just don't know when.  I will post befores and afters.  You know, ... after.  Do I sound bitter (wry smile)?  Nah, I'm not but I am really looking forward to the accoutrements of renovating to be gone from my house.  Things like ...

1)  The MONSTER dumpster that is in our driveway.
2)  The brown paper taped to the floor to protect it.
3)  Miscellaneous tools, boxes etc,
4)  The exterior temporary stair to the second floor.  
5)  The little punch list items that remain undone, and undone, and undone.
6)  The generally higher level of dust and debris.

While I don't like that the project is months overdue I actually have liked the process!  We gutted an attic and two bathrooms, removed a rear shed dormer and replaced it with a wider one (creating more indoor space), added three small dormers on the front of the attic and removed a wall/door that separated the second floor from the attic making it no longer an attic but a ... third floor!  This is all VERY exciting.  It has been fun to see how something is actually built.  It has been wonderful to see ideas I had for different spaces come into being.

Enough for now but I'll start searching my archives for some pictures.