Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Recital

I am hoping to FINALLY catch up on a little downloading and editing of summer images.  It has been quite a summer in our household.  The kids go back to school soon and I really want to capture what has been an unexpectedly wonderful summer.

First installment:  Kit's piano recital.  Last year in Kathmandu the Jazz Conservatory held the recital in a bar.  Tiki torches and everything.  This fact that Kit's first gig was in a bar still cracks us up.  The only issue was that she could barely play a thing.  Nevermind though, she bravely got up there and did her thing and we were proud of her courage.  This year Miss Mary the piano teacher's recital was in a church.  We're far from the 'Du indeed.  What a difference a year makes!

Practiced hands.

Happy performer (note silly bandz!)

Dutiful Brother (and Nana in background).

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  1. My daughter has been learning piano for a couple of years now. She's been squeezing this rubber ball (similar to a stress ball) in her hands the past couple of weeks. When I asked her why she was carrying it around she informed me it was to strengthen her fingers. Interesting. Here I thought she was stressing about going back to school!