Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of School!

In early June when my kids were out and the local schools still had three more weeks of school left I thought ... HELP!  The summer flew however and here we are.  Last year there was anxiety over the newness of it all.  This year - excitement!  What a thrill for my two girls (and their Mommy).

Third and First Grade here we come!

Which one might be Tweenin'?

Sweet, sweet.

Walking in with little guy not far behind.  Notice they are leaving Mama in the dust.

Kit being greeted by the Headmaster - precious sight.

First assembly of the year then I took my leave until pick up this afternoon.

These milestones are so amazing.  Have a fun year girls!


  1. Your girls are so cute. What wonderful first day of school pictures. You are so right...the time just flies. It breaks my heart a little.

    Wishing you a wonderful year.

  2. What GREAT pictures. Oh it's so beautiful out there in the DC area. Loved the pictures of the horses and kids in Middleburg as well. Looks like your girls are in good hands. They looked adorable for their first day of school.

    Thanks so much for coming by my blog and commenting on my big SITS day. i really appreciate it.

  3. loved the way you took the pics of their first day at school :) they are wonderful!