Monday, September 20, 2010

Fishtastic Fiasco

I should write an ode to picky eaters.  I was one as a kid so you would think I'd be sympathetic.  Well, actually I am sympathetic but also now realize how exhausting it is to poor dear Mom who really just wants to make sure that her wee ones have a modicum of nutrition in their bodies.  I'd just like to feel good about the balance of intake weighing over on the "good for you" side.  Crud.  Food and Motherhood - what a deal!

So ... dinner at our household tonight consisted of tilapia ("fish bites"), lightly dredged and pan fried, broccoli and angel hair pasta with Parmesan (the ringer).  I made a simple little chopped tomato with garlic, white wine and lemon juice sauce that I knew only I would like but that was fine by me.  It was a pretty plate (mine was at least)!  What could be the problem?

The problem, it seemed, was the fish.  We don't eat a lot of fish around here.  We seldom  had it when we were living in a landlocked country with questionable sanitary conditions.  But I thought now that we were back in the Land of Plenty that I would introduce my kiddos to the Fruits of the Sea!  I want us to eat less meat!  I spoke with two girlfriends today on ways they serve fish to their kids.  This didn't sound too hard.

The kids' responses when they saw their meal (I'm trying not to take this too personally):

Kit:  One bite then a run to the bathroom gagging.  She returns holding her nose.  "I can smell it.  It makes me gag.  I can't eat anything on my plate because I can smell it!  Can I eat outside?  I need a new plate.  A new fork.  I can still smell it!  Mommy, never cook fish again!"   Oy vey.

Lindsay:  Sideways glance at her plate.  "Mommy, I can't have those things on my plate."  Mock shiver through her spine as she contemplates the thought of someone ingesting them.  Broccoli? Fuggedabout it.

Swift:  "Mmmm this is delicious".  He ate every bite on his plate.

Me:  "Mmmm these are pretty good.  Y'all are missing out"  (What a dumb mommy thing to say.  They don't buy it, of course.)

I'm doomed. They will all get rickets or scurvy and it will be all my fault.  (Where does Kit get that overblown dramatic thing from?).   Alas, tomorrow is a new day and they'll eat something, just not fish.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of School!

In early June when my kids were out and the local schools still had three more weeks of school left I thought ... HELP!  The summer flew however and here we are.  Last year there was anxiety over the newness of it all.  This year - excitement!  What a thrill for my two girls (and their Mommy).

Third and First Grade here we come!

Which one might be Tweenin'?

Sweet, sweet.

Walking in with little guy not far behind.  Notice they are leaving Mama in the dust.

Kit being greeted by the Headmaster - precious sight.

First assembly of the year then I took my leave until pick up this afternoon.

These milestones are so amazing.  Have a fun year girls!