Saturday, January 15, 2011

A just about Perfect Day

Today was just a lovely day!  It was crisp and cold without being bitterly so.  We took the kids out to breakfast at Furin's.  It was an old haunt of Bill's both in his single days and then ours as a childless couple.  Great pancakes.  Truly.  We ran into some neighbors from our old neighborhood and the kids wanted to know "Why don't we live here?  This is cool/fun/really nice!".  We smiled and told them "You, little dears, are why we don't live here anymore!  And when you are grown ups and are young, hip and gainfully employed and want to live here then ... go for it."  We then went ice skating in the Sculpture Garden by the National Gallery and had some lunch in the little Pavilion Cafe that overlooks the rink.  Ice skating outside is just so much more fun than an indoor rink!  It still takes both of us to skate with all three but ... there is light at the end of the tunnel as the girls get more independent on the ice.  I don't care how old I get,  I still love the Zamboni!

After skating we went over to the National Aquarium.  I think I sort of-kind of-maybe remember going once before and have a vague recollection of it being kind of lame, small and dingy.  It was great!  Smaller meant more easily digestible for little people and tired parents.

We came home for a spontaneous taco night with some of the cousins and my kids were happy happy happy.  It was a little late getting them to bed but who cares?   It was a just about Perfect Day!

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