Sunday, July 1, 2012

A "Normal" Summer

School was getting out a few weeks ago and I thought to myself that this was the least "stressed" I felt about summer time that I could remember.  Then it occurred to me that there was a reason for that.  For the first time in eight years we were going to have a "normal" summer.  Normal meaning that we weren't moving, arranging for a lengthy visit from overseas with extended time sans Daddy, having husband leave and/or return from an overseas assignment without us etc.  We have no grand plans this summer other than hanging out at the pool, going to the beach and camp etc.  I am pretty happy about it:).

My dearest friend whom I met in Jr. High is not having a "normal" summer.  She was in a freak bike accident a few weeks ago that has no cautionary tale.  Her summer is being spent in rehab trying to live life from a new vantage point and adjusting to new realities with a spinal cord injury that none of us can truly imagine.  She is being amazing and working so hard.  Her husband is amazing.  Her kids are loving and affectionate and such great medicine for their Mama.  It has been her siblings' finest hour as they have surrounded, supported and cheerled their sister.  I always admired her family's closeness and  they have delivered when trauma struck.  We all having been praying for miraculous healing for her.  We are all so grateful that in spite of her injury she is still her wonderful self.  We don't know what God will do but are so, so hopeful.  But this is far from a "normal" summer for her.

Maybe God gave me a "normal" summer so I could be more available for my dear friend.  Every time I walk the dog and thank the Lord that I can do so, I ask that each step I take be one closer to a time when she can take a step herself.  It is hard.  We all grieve.  But isn't this stuff of life - the good and the bad - really "normal" after all.

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