Friday, July 16, 2010

Shakin' and Quakin'

We lived for three years in Kathmandu having a fear of "the big one" hanging over our heads.  We had earthquake drills.  We had supplies.  I had spare sneakers under the bed.  We were (somewhat) prepared.  Thankfully - nuthin' happened.

But this morning at 5 am, in Washington Crazy DC, there was an earthquake!

Now of course I wasn't fully aware of this fact.  I read the paper but rarely get to watch the news because as Gavin DeBecker says (paraphrase) - NEWS stands for Nothing Educational Worth Seeing when it comes to having it on in front of children.  But I digress.  SO ... my neighbor Lucy comes over to ask if I woke up at 5am.  At first I said "no".  Then she told me about 3.6 earthquake that shook the area and I started to LAUGH. 

I did wake up at five.  Do you know when you are in that twilight/quasi sleep state?  I woke up and thought "Hmm, they must have finished the HVAC part of the renovation and that unit up on the top floor is on.  Bummer.  It shakes the house.  Is there anything they can do about that?  Put it on a platform or something?  Probably too late.  Oh well."  And back to sleep I went.  I actually didn't give it another thought until Lucy came over.

No one else may think this is funny.  My husband might (yet another good reason to have married him).  Our contractor did (he may have been laughing that it entered my mind at all that they might be ... done!).

I know, those who live in California mock as we rock! 

Here's to just enough excitement to stir us from slumber. Clink.


  1. I totally missed it. If it shook my house, I was too sound asleep to notice it. Apparently, I've been in lots of earthquakes, but have only noticed one, all the others I either slept through or was in the car and didn't feel it.

    Have "fun" with all that renovation. :)

  2. Hello From SITS! :) Have a great Saturday/weekend!

  3. Stopping by from SITS!

    I never experienced an earthquake until living in Costa Rica, and it was such a minor one that my West Coast husband merely asked what all the fuss was about.

  4. Just came over from Planted By Streams. :)

    That must've been scary!