Friday, December 3, 2010

Post Renovation Plan

The end is near. The dumpster is gone (highlight of my day yesterday!). It’s time for a plan.

My car has been in the driveway and it is getting cold.  A young woman (Sophie ... God bless Sophie) is living with us this year who had to live in our basement waiting for the renovation to finish.  Patient gal.  There is detritus ... everywhere.  So, onto the PLAN.

The Plan to reclaim the garage!
1. Roll up rug in storage room.
2. Organize room for Sophie access
3. Return suitcases on third floor to Mom Cave
4. Move furniture from basement to upstairs.
5. Move boxes from garage to storage room
6. Remove pallet materials to driveway for pick up.
7. Clean garage and voila baby … you’re in.

Then onto the basement:
1. Anything left in the utility area or hall … into the S Room.
2. I’m feeling hope. Is it possible?
3. Get the two Pakistani rugs cleaned.

Mom Cave:*
1. Clean!
2. Move desk back in.
3. Move suitcases before moving furniture.
4. Change door knobs
5. Are you feelin’ the thrill?

Master Bedroom:
1. The clothes in the corner.
2. The clothes in the corner.
3. The clothes in the corner.
3. Hang pictures.

Anything else that happens is pure gravy.  Wish me luck!

*  The Mom Cave is a teeny room built under the eaves off of the Master Bedroom.  My closet is in there so you could call it a "dressing room" but really that would be pretty ostentatious for the space so ... I don't.  It was a nursery for Swift when he was a baby.  When we moved back from overseas last year it became my personal quiet place.  I breathe deeply and exhale just thinking about it.  For the last few months it has been a dusty and dirty place BUT soon it will be reclaimed.  Big smile.

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